Stress Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment in Decatur

Decatur chiropractor stress relief

A chiropractor may not be your initial solution when you are experiencing stress, but our health team at Sherwood Chiropractic Center wants to change that. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the stress of work, family or life, chiropractic care offers a natural approach to return you to a peaceful and calm life. Life today can bring about a lot of stress. When you are feeling emotional or physical stress, your body produces hormones to help you deal with this pressure. When you remain in a state of unending stress, the body's "fight or flight" response is in high gear all the time. This can lead to physical conditions such as pain, hair loss, insomnia, chest pains, fibromyalgia, wrinkles, irritability and weight gain. Your body and mind are not designed to live in a constant state of stress, so learning stress management techniques is essential. We provide chiropractic treatment in Decatur that offers a variety of stress relief options.

Stress Management with our chiropractor in Decatur

Dr. Kathleen Sherwood, our chiropractor in Decatur, and the wellness team at Sherwood Chiropractic Center want to show you how to live a stress-free life. We understand that stress can creep up on a daily basis, but when your body is in alignment, you are more prepared to handle the situation and return to a balanced state. Our Decatur chiropractor begins by evaluating the position of your spine. Dr. Sherwood gently adjusts the vertebrae to align your spine properly. This allows an increase in circulation and nerve flow which strengthens your physical and mental response to stress. Plus, when your body feels better and is functioning together, your overall stress decreases. If your stress is in response to chronic physical pain, chiropractic adjustments reduce your pain therefore your overall stress level. 

Our Decatur chiropractic center also believes in exercise as a strong stress reducer. We provide a "Patient Playground" in which you can exercise and reduce your daily stressors. A stronger body is better able to handle stress and as you realize your potential, you feel empowered. This eases your mental stress as well. Our Decatur chiropractic and health team guide you through your stress relief program and make adjustments as you show improvements. With decreased stress, you experience:

  • Increased energy
  • Stabilized emotions
  • Weight loss or maintenance
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced ability to concentrate
  • More control over your body
  • Less pain

Contact our Decatur Chiropractor for Stress Relief

Dr. Sherwood and our Decatur chiropractic team have the tools you need to alleviate stress. If you have been living with constant stress or have recently been through a stressful situation such as a move, death of a loved one or divorce, we encourage you to contact us for natural, stress relief treatments. We use gentle chiropractic adjustments, exercise, lifestyle guidance and nutrition to decrease your stress level and improve your self-awareness. To begin your stress-free journey, please call us today at (404) 321-0082.


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  • "I love coming to Sherwood Chiropractic Center not only for the competent care that I receive, but also for the friendly people and community."
    Erin H. - Decatur, GA
  • "I discovered chiropractic after meeting the Sherwood team at a teacher’s appreciation event at my school. I had been having neck stiffness and tightness in my mid-back for at least six months and although I was having massage, it wasn’t going away. Since being under care, my pain has definitely improved and I’m moving my body better as well as sleeping better. I really enjoy coming for my appointments and find it to be a very friendly atmosphere."
    Tait A. Teacher