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 If you are pregnant and a regular chiropractic patient, congratulations!  You will find that your chiropractic adjustments will help your body transition much easier through the many changes that are ahead.  If you are not a chiropractic patient and are considering adding adjustments to your support regimen, please read on!  We would love to serve you during this exciting time. 

With pregnancy, your body undergoes a variety of structural changes as the baby inside the womb starts to develop over a short period of time.  Most women gain between 25-35 pounds over a 6 month period!  This is healthy for the growing baby but at what price to your body?  

Most pregnant women experience the following challenges during pregnancy: 

  • A “sway-back” low back curve from the growing abdomen
  • Painful, low back and joint aches throughout the body
  • Changes in overall posture, effecting balance
  • Increasing inability to sleep well 

There are numerous studies showing how effective chiropractic care is in eliminating low back and joint pain and there is no better time to get adjusted.  Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy are gentle and total safe. Our tables are designed with “drop-away” pieces so that pregnant women can comfortably lie on their stomachs—something our patients truly enjoy during this time.  Most our patients report significant improvement in their sleep with regular adjustments which is crucial for the mom’s and baby’s health. 

Another extremely important benefit to getting adjusted while pregnant is fetal position.  We receive referrals from nurse practitioners and midwives when they determine that a baby is not an optimal position.  Having a misaligned pelvis, results in binding of the abdominal muscles which restrict normal fetal movement.  We have had many successes with our gentle, non-invasive breech turning technique based on Dr. Webster, a long-time pediatric chiropractor. 

Please contact me today if you have any questions about how chiropractic can benefit you during your pregnancy.  We would love to be part of your team to insure that you have a healthy, smooth pregnancy! 

Yours in excellent, optimal health!

Dr. Kathleen Sherwood