Herniated Disc/Slipped Disc

A herniated disc, otherwise known as a "slipped disc" or "ruptured disc," can cause your quality of life to take a big slide downward. Disc injuries or displacements that pinch nearby nerves, spinal nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself can create a number of disabling symptoms, from agonizing pain to loss of muscular function. But if you dread the prospect of undergoing spinal fusion or some other invasive, risky major surgery to correct the problem, you'll be relieved to know that our chiropractor in Atlanta offers natural, non-surgical treatment alternatives.

Our Atlanta Chiropractors Treat Herniated/Slipped Discs

You may have heard dislocated vertebral discs referred to as "slipped, "bulging" or "herniated," leaving you to wonder exactly what the difference is between the terms. "Slipped" is generally a blanket term for any situation in which some part of a disc isn't sitting inside the spinal column here it belongs, where it normally helps the cushion the spine against shocks and jolts. A bulging slipped disc is one that has actually shifted position or flattened out so that its fibrous outer casing is poking into sensitive nerve tissue. A herniated disc hasn't actually moved; instead, its casing has ruptured, allowing some of the gelatinous inner material to pop out and push against the nerve tissue.

Any kind of slipped disc can spell major trouble. The resulting nerve impingement disrupts the normal flow of sensory and motor signals between the brain and the rest of the body. In addition to back pain, therefore, you may also experience such varied symptoms as:

  • Back, leg or buttock pain, tingling and numbness (in cases of slipped lumbar discs)
  • Arm or hand pain, tingling and numbness (in cases of slipped cervical discs)
  • Weakness and loss of muscular command/coordination

man getting a chiropractic adjustment

As you might imagine, a sudden jolt to the spine, such as sustained in an auto accident or sports injury, can cause slipped or herniated discs. But this problem may also occur due to spinal misalignment (subluxation) that has grown progressively worse over time. Poor posture, excess weight and age-related disc degeneration can all encourage disc slippage. The good news is that our Atlanta chiropractic team can relieve your debilitating symptoms by correcting these underlying causes -- all without surgery. 

A spinal screening and initial medical consultation can help us confirm exactly which disc is causing trouble, and to what extent spinal misalignment is involved. We can then administer targeted chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine and help your disc find its proper orientation within the spinal column. This removes your nerve impingement, relieves pain and restores normal function.

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We frequently prescribe complementary therapies to aid the process of disc healing and help prevent future issues. These may include dietary counseling for weight loss, corrective exercises to rebuilt atrophied muscles, and lifestyle advice for maintaining straighter posture.

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