Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Every day, millions of Americans struggle with joint pain caused by arthritis. This condition, while common, can be very challenging, and may affect a person's ability to perform work-related tasks, leisure activities, and even simply daily functions such as walking. 

What is Arthritis & Osteoarthritis?

Arthritis is a condition in which one or many joints of the body become inflamed and irritated. There are several types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, occurs when the cartilage and articular surfaces of a joint wears down. This degradation occurs gradually, typically beginning in middle age, and can progressively worsen with time. Arthritis is typically diagnosed with the use of several tests and measures, including a detailed patient history and medical examination, X-rays, and tests of the joint fluids or blood. 

The most common risk factors for osteoarthritis include advanced age, obesity, history of injury to the affected joint, female gender, family history, certain lifestyle and occupational factors (including repetitive or overhead tasks), and family history. 

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The Common Symptoms of Arthritis & Osteoarthritis?

Any joint in the body can be affected by arthritis, but it is especially common in the knees, spine, neck, shoulders, wrists, and fingers. The most common symptoms include:

  • Joint pain, either at rest or with movement
  • Joint inflammation, including swelling, redness, increased warmth, and tenderness to touch
  • Joint stiffness and decreased flexibility, especially upon waking in the morning, but can last throughout the day
  • Grating, clicking, or popping sensations within the affected joint, which can occur due to the loss of normal space and alignment within the joint 

Some people with arthritis/osteoarthritis also may develop bone spurs, which are abnormally increased areas of bone growth around the affected joint. These occur due to the body's attempt to compensate for the loss of cartilage within the joint. Bone spurs associated with arthritis don't always cause symptoms, but can cause pain, loss of motion, or even palpable lumps or growths that can be felt. 

How Can Our Decatur Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic care has been shown to be very effective for helping people manage their arthritic pain.

Specific beneficial treatments can include:

  • Corrective exercise prescription, which can restore range of motion, improve muscle strength, and maximize support around the joint
  • Spinal adjustments, which can reduce pain and restore normal joint alignment
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling, to help you learn safe and effective ways to manage your arthritis through exercise, nutrition, and weight-loss

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