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Neck Pain

Many people experience moderate to severe neck pain every day of their lives, interfering with their ability to carry out normal tasks and enjoy activities. If you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain, Sherwood Chiropractic Center is here to help. Chiropractic care by Dr. Kathleen Sherwood offers a whole body approach to pain relief and healing, and can significantly reduce or eliminate this type of discomfort in just a few short visits.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The three major causes of neck pain that can benefit from chiropractic care include:

1. Whiplash: Whiplash is a common injury that results from motor vehicle accidents after your neck is suddenly jerked back and forth. While this type of injury is often considered minor, especially in comparison to other types of injury that can result from a collision, in fact it can have lasting effects that cause significant discomfort long after other injuries heal. Chiropractic care works to heal neck pain from whiplash by aligning the cervical spine properly to reduce pain and pressure, which promotes long term healing.

2. Poor Posture Poor posture affects many different people, especially those who are overweight or those who sit improperly in a chair all day. Improper posture pulls the cervical spine out of alignment and causes the shoulders to sag, putting pressure on the vertebrae in the neck. Dr. Sherwood can not only adjust the lumbar and cervical vertebrae to improve posture, but also works with her patients to make lifestyle changes that promote good posture in the future. One of the major benefits of chiropractic care is that both current symptoms and long term wellness are addressed.

3. Muscle Strain: Muscle strain is another common cause of pain in the neck, and can be brought on by a variety of things, including strenuous activity or simply spending too many hours in front of a computer without the right ergonomic setup. When the cervical vertebrae are out of alignment, it puts pressure on the surrounding muscles, causing them to spasm and consequently creates extreme discomfort. By having the cervical spine adjusted on a regular basis by Dr. Sherwood, patients will experience less muscle strain and reduced pain discomfort.

If you're experiencing pain in the neck for any reason, call our Atlanta chiropractor today to schedule your free consultation appointment!