Meet the Staff

Our Decatur & Atlanta Chiropractic Clinic Staff

  • Mindy Scarfo
    Front Office Manager

    I recently relocated to the Atlanta area from South Florida where I lived for 27 years enjoying the weather, raising two wonderful sons, and working in chiropractic. I’ve loved being active and working out my whole life which is how my chiropractic journey began. I was enrolled in gymnastics at the age of three and continued through my high school years as well as cheerleading and any sports that I could do (driving my mother crazy)! It was inevitable that I would be visiting a chiropractor to restore proper function and movement to my spine, as well as restoring overall health.

    Before I began my chiropractic career I began working in the medical field as a nurse, however, I was definitely aware that something was missing. Fortunately, I switched course to the holistic, preventative field of chiropractic and began serving patients in busy practices since 1987. I love this field and I’ve never looked back!

    I feel so fortunate to be part of the team at Sherwood Chiropractic Center. The doctors are so passionate about their field, and the overall wellness of our patients. It’s absolutely awesome to come to work every day and work with such a great team and fantastic patients.

    So here I am, waiting for your phone call so that you may begin your chiropractic journey. Come on let’s get started what are you waiting for?!

  • Mikki Jordan
    Insurance and Billing Specialist

    I am originally from Illinois and worked in the insurance industry for several years prior to moving to Georgia after the Olympics in 1996. After starting a company providing medical billing for various practices for 11 years I finally worked with my first chiropractor and haven't looked back since. It's been 12 years since chiropractic's holistic approach has changed my career and helped improve my own health and the health of my family! I love working for Sherwood Chiropractic Center because we educate our patients about continuing care beyond the limitations of insurance coverage. I enjoy my role of simplifying the insurance process for our patients and I continue to get adjusted weekly by our wonderful doctors!

    Mikki has 5 children and 19 grandchildren and enjoys spending her weekends with her family.

  • Karina Austin
    Chiropractic Assistant

    I relocated to Atlanta, Ga from the beautiful Island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. As a child, my brothers and I were always involved in outdoor activities. If we weren't swimming, we were playing basketball, taking care of our dogs or racing each other along the shoreline. During my middle and high school years, I continued being active by participating in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track & field.

    My busy schedule in college reinforced that taking care of our health, body, and mind leads to a positive and productive life. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I began suffering from severe stomach pains while in college. After going to several specialists only to be told they couldn't find anything wrong, I came to the conclusion that a consistent holistic approach to wellness that included chiropractic care was my best chance for healing. It turned out to be the best decision I made for myself. My stomach pains stopped shortly thereafter as my chiropractic adjustments removed the interference that was affecting my digestive system.

    For me there is no better career than helping others improve their health and educating them on how to continue that process long term. I recently graduated from Barry University, with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Exercise Science. It has been such a wonderful experience working with the team at Sherwood Chiropractic Center and I enjoying serving all our patients!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love coming to Sherwood Chiropractic Center not only for the competent care that I receive, but also for the friendly people and community."
    Erin H. - Decatur, GA
  • "I discovered chiropractic after meeting the Sherwood team at a teacher’s appreciation event at my school. I had been having neck stiffness and tightness in my mid-back for at least six months and although I was having massage, it wasn’t going away. Since being under care, my pain has definitely improved and I’m moving my body better as well as sleeping better. I really enjoy coming for my appointments and find it to be a very friendly atmosphere."
    Tait A. Teacher