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There's no reason to settle for "just a chiropractor" when you're selecting chiropractic treatment in Decatur. Your Decatur chiropractor here at Sherwood Chiropractic Services (Dr. Sherwood, Dr. Muller or Dr. Cohen) can make use of many different services and healing modalities to help you achieve your health, wellness and physical rehabilitation goals.

Learn how our chiropractors in Decatur make use of many different healing methods to help you achieve your wellness and physical rehabilitation goals.

Our Chiropractor Offers Natural, Non-Invasive Services Including:

  • Chiropractic Care - We're your resource for chiropractic treatment in Decatur. We employ a variety of methods, from Diversified and Sacral Occipital Techniques to flexion-distraction therapy, to mobilize and correct cases of joint misalignment. Our Lloyd McManus treatment tables even enable us to treat spinal structures in motion. Our Decatur chiropractic care is safe and effective at every age, from infants to seniors.

  • Spinal Exams and Wellness Assessments - Spinal exams can reveal the presence of alignment problems, pinched nerves and other issues -- and periodic preventative wellness assessments can help us catch these problems before they can escalate. Your chiropractor in Decatur is proud to offer free spinal exams to first-time visitors. This brief (15 to 20 minute) exam is a great way to introduce yourself to the potential benefits of our Decatur chiropractic care.

  • Nutritional Counseling - Dr. Sherwood has studied the impact of nutrition and whole-food supplementation on health, fitness and recovery for over 30 years. We're happy to provide free nutritional counseling as part a comprehensive, specialized plan to help you make the right food choices and obtain the right nutrients for optimal cognitive, musculoskeletal and neurological health.

  • Lifestyle Counseling and Education - A healthy life requires healthy living habits. Your Decatur chiropractor can recommend specific lifestyle tips and changes, at no extra cost, to help you take control of your wellness. You'll also benefit from our complimentary workshops every other Thursday evening, in which you can pick up new health and fitness pointers, ask us questions and interact with like-minded health-seekers.

  • Corrective Exercises - Corrective exercises and other forms of physical therapy can help you regain flexibility, strength and balance lost to an injury, illness or surgical procedure. If you have a posture correction plan with our clinic, you'll also have access to our separate rehab room (the "Patient Playground") at no extra charge.

  • Posture Evaluations - How you sit or stand has a direct and sometimes cumulative effect on your spine, nervous system, muscles and joints. A lifetime of poor sitting posture at work, for instance, can cause chronic pain in your neck, back and shoulders. We can examine your posture and use balance discs, exercise balls and other remedies to help you "straighten up."

Call Your Chiropractor in Decatur to Schedule Natural Healing Services

Whichever chiropractor in Decatur you're working with here at Sherwood Chiropractic Services, you'll be amazed at the way our various services work together -- thanks to our integrated approach to health and healing. Call (404) 321-0082 to schedule that free initial spinal exam and learn more about what we can do!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love coming to Sherwood Chiropractic Center not only for the competent care that I receive, but also for the friendly people and community."
    Erin H. - Decatur, GA
  • "I discovered chiropractic after meeting the Sherwood team at a teacher’s appreciation event at my school. I had been having neck stiffness and tightness in my mid-back for at least six months and although I was having massage, it wasn’t going away. Since being under care, my pain has definitely improved and I’m moving my body better as well as sleeping better. I really enjoy coming for my appointments and find it to be a very friendly atmosphere."
    Tait A. Teacher