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The Truth About Water

The Truth About Water

Good Hydration:

 – Daily Water Consumption = body weight / 2

           **this is the minimum number of ounces you should drink each day, but do not exceed more than 100 ounces**

 – Avoid or Minimize Diuretic Beverages

– Diuretic beverages encourage the body to excrete water through urination, rather than retain it.

– Examples of these are: coffee, caffeinate teas, soda, alcoholic beverages, and some fruit juices. People who favor these beverages need to drink plenty of water to maintain normal water levels in their bodies.

 To determine the amount of water to drink if diuretics are consumed: Multiply the ounces of diuretic consumed by 1.5 and add that to half your body weight.

Roles of Water

 – Improves oxygen delivery to cells

– Transports nutrients

– Enables cellular hydration

– Moistens oxygen for easier breathing

– Cushions bones and joints

– Absorbs shock to joints and organs

– Regulates body temperature

– Removes waste

– Flushes toxins

– Prevents tissues from sticking

– Lubricates joints

– Empowers the body’s natural healing process

To Your Health,

~ Dr. Kathleen Sherwood


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