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Stiff Neck Remedy: Pain Mobility Treatments that Work

Chiropractic Solutions for Stiff Neck Pain 

 If you suffer from a stiff neck, then you know how difficult it can be to relieve your neck tightness and restore mobility, improving posture, sleep quality, and overall wellness. Let our chiropractors offer some solutions and the best stiff neck remedy.  Learn solutions that actually work and find the best stiff neck remedy for you.

headaches strain cell phonesCell Phone Neck Injuries 

What Causes a Stiff Neck?

Muscle strain or sprain is the most common neck strain cause. Typically, the muscle connecting the neck and shoulder becomes strained on one side. If stiffness is not corrected, the other side can become injured later as a result of compensating for the weak neck muscle. 

Impact of Downward Head Tilt Phone Texting

If you spend long periods of time with your head looking down (texting on your cell phone or working on a laptop computer), you can develop forward head carriage (also referred to as tech or text neck) which strains surrounding muscles and can cause spinal issues. Forward head carriage can be helped by corrective exercises and by changing the way you hold your cell phone. Holding it higher up where your face is and keep your head as straight as possible. If not addressed disc or nerve issues could result. Cradling your phone between your ear and shoulder also strains the muscle. Another common cause is experiencing a fall or sports injury. Exercises and stretches can help remedy and reverse the effects of looking down at your phone. Awareness is the first step.

If you have ever woken up with neck pain, then you know how even minor things like sleeping funny can cause a stiff neck from muscle strain.

Cervical spine conditions can also cause tension. Until the underlying spinal problem is treated, you will still experience pain. Cervical spine conditions that lead to neck tension include bone spurs, osteoarthritis, cervical herniated disc and cervical degenerative disc. 

Symptoms of a stiff neck include soreness and difficulty moving your neck from side to side. You may be unable to look back or sideways without moving your whole body. Or you may experience shoulder pain, arm pain, or tension headaches. 

How to Heal a Stiff Neck Naturally 

One easy remedy to reduce inflammation and stiffness in your neck is using, use moist heat alternated with ice. This remedy may be applied directly on the neck with a thin washcloth or dish towel in between to act as a barrier for the extreme temperatures on the skin. Ice naturally reduces swelling. Heat increases circulation, brings blood to cleanse the muscle tissue, and helps promote healing. This combination maybe your best option for alleviating stiffness.

Stretching can bring some relief, although it may be painful in the aftermath of a neck sprain. Soft tissue massage can loosen the muscle knots and relieve discomfort. 

Our chiropractors offer neck adjustments that the strain at its root. Let us diagnose the cause, adjust your neck for proper alignment, and relieve your pain and stiffness. Our adjustments promote nervous system health, so your body can heal naturally.

Proper Posture Neck Health

After your neck heals, proper posture and stretching exercises will help strengthen the upper back muscles and retain mobility, so you don't strain your neck again. if you work at a desk job that requires substantial periods of sitting, you should consider an ergonomic review of your workstation.

At Sherwood Chiropractic Center, we offer holistic treatment of back and neck pain remedies. This includes custom programs that help patients who feel discomfort from a stiff neck. Our chiropractors offer a free consultation in our Decatur center, just 8 miles east of Atlanta. Meet with us to receive a customized tailored health plan to help you achieve wellness. To set up your free chiropractic consultation, call us at (404) 321-0082 or make your appointment online. We look forward to helping you heal from neck pain, stiffness, and loss of motion.

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  • "I discovered chiropractic after meeting the Sherwood team at a teacher’s appreciation event at my school. I had been having neck stiffness and tightness in my mid-back for at least six months and although I was having massage, it wasn’t going away. Since being under care, my pain has definitely improved and I’m moving my body better as well as sleeping better. I really enjoy coming for my appointments and find it to be a very friendly atmosphere."
    Tait A. Teacher