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ArthroStim® Instrument Chiropractic Adjustments

Sherwood Chiropractic Center is pleased to add a new innovated and effective tool for use in patient adjustments. This tool is called the ArthroStim®. Our chiropractors selected this instrument to complement our customized care plan for each patient. The tools is an extension of our chiropractors’ gentle traditional hand manipulation techniques. For new patients or those that hesitate to seek the care of a chiropractor for wellness, the tool offers an alternative to traditional chiropractic manipulations and the accompanying popping and cracking sounds associated with visiting a chiropractor. The device is similar to an electric activator used in chiropractic care, yet more advanced and effective.
The tool allows our chiropractor team even more precision to address isolated areas of the back and spine. This instrument has the ability to apply pinpointed pressure with its stylus-like design and a high-speed spinning recoiling motion that quickly manipulates the targeted area to properly align it. The thrust generated by the ArthroStim® instrument is 2-3 times that of other multiple thrust tools. The force of the pressure extends throughout the surrounding muscle tissue and joint and releases associated tension. Use of this tool relieves muscle spasms, pain, and expands range of motion in the targeted areas. Some of the benefits of this device are listed below.

Benefits of ArthroStim® Instrument in Chiropractic Care

1) Little to no popping or cracking sounds associated with chiropractic adjustments
2) Gently realigns joints
3) Increases range of motion
4) Reduces pain to the impacted area
5) Ability to adjust affected area with increased precision
6) Stimulates special sensory nerve receptors responsible for monitoring the body’s motion and joint/muscle alignment
7) Decreased post-manipulation soreness compared to traditional chiropractic adjustments
8) Reduces or eliminates muscle spasms
9) Increased patient comfort
10) Force of tool is adjustable based on chiropractor’s patient and condition assessment
11) Studies has shown the instrument to be just as effective as traditional chiropractic manipulation
Learn if the ArthroStim® device is a good fit for your chiropractic care and overall wellness plan. The doctors at Sherwood Chiropractic Center are glad to discuss the benefits of this instrument with you and how it may help you achieve your wellness goals.

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    Tait A. Teacher