Why See a Chiropractor in Tucker, GA

Decatur chiropractor, female doctor with patientSherwood Chiropractic Center patients visit our Tucker, GA chiropractors for several reasons, as our approach to chiropractic care (using spinal adjustments and complementary therapies like nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and exercise) has been shown to improve quality of life, bolster wellness, accelerate healing, and relieve pain. Patients often first visit our chiropractors due to a specific musculoskeletal system ailment such as sport or accident injury, headaches, migraines, pinched nerves, herniated disc, muscle tension, back, neck, or shoulder pain, sciatica, arthritis, or another condition. Whether mainstream treatments have proven ineffective or patients are looking for a natural alternative to medications, chiropractic care provides an effective holistic solution to several health conditions.

We focus on diagnosing, treating, and preventing medical disorders related to the spine, which by affecting the nervous system can hinder the proper function of the entire body, reducing overall wellness. Various types of stress affect the spine, including physical, emotional, and chemical stresses. When the body encounters too much stress, due to anxiety, over-working, or poor diet/lifestyle, the spine becomes subluxated. The term, subluxation, refers to the misalignment of the spine's individual vertebrae. 

When the spine loses its proper alignment, it places pressure on the nervous system, which runs the entire length of the spinal column. This pressure creates blockages along the path of communication between the brain and the body, which can hinder the overall function of every system within the body including the immune, respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems. In addition, these blockages create tension, inflammation, and pain (both locally and throughout the body). 

By evaluating the spine with postural screening and examination, our Tucker, GA chiropractors can restore the spine's proper alignment using chiropractic adjustments. Returning the spine to its proper alignment provides immediate relief from pain by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and accelerating healing. A properly aligned spine also frees the nervous system, allowing the brain to send commands throughout the body, unhindered, which improves the function of the entire body and overall wellness. 

Chiropractic Wellness Plans for Patients of Tucker, GA

After experiencing the positive effects of chiropractic care with our Tucker, GA chiropractors (reduced pain, relief from muscle tension, increased mobility, and overall improved health), patients often decide to continue treatment with an individually designed wellness plan to both improve quality of life and prevent future disease and injury. Depending on each patient's individual medical background and lifestyle, our chiropractors develop a wellness plan from our full menu of services including regular adjustments, corrective exercise and stretching, lifestyle advice, and nutritional counseling to help patients achieve their full potential with optimal wellness. During each appointment, our patients receive free postural evaluation and screening as well as lifestyle and nutritional counseling in addition to chiropractic adjustment or other treatment.

Serving the Tucker, GA area for over 21 years, Sherwood Chiropractic Center offers free adjustments, affordable payment plans, accepts insurance, and truly cares about each of our patients. Call our office today to schedule your health evaluation. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love coming to Sherwood Chiropractic Center not only for the competent care that I receive, but also for the friendly people and community."
    Erin H. - Decatur, GA
  • "I discovered chiropractic after meeting the Sherwood team at a teacher’s appreciation event at my school. I had been having neck stiffness and tightness in my mid-back for at least six months and although I was having massage, it wasn’t going away. Since being under care, my pain has definitely improved and I’m moving my body better as well as sleeping better. I really enjoy coming for my appointments and find it to be a very friendly atmosphere."
    Tait A. Teacher