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Back Pain

Back pain is debilitating. It affects every aspect of your life from sleeping to working and running errands. If you’re currently experiencing moderate to severe back pain in the Atlanta area, Sherwood Chiropractic Center can help. Dr. Kathleen Sherwood, our chiropractor in Decatur, GA, can help you reduce your chronic or acute back pain and help you get back to living a healthy, active life. We have been helping patients of all ages alleviate upper, mid or lower back pain for over 22 years.

Back Pain Chiropractic Treatments By Our Decatur & Atlanta Chiropractor

Our Atlanta back pain chiropractor can treat a wide variety of ailments and injuries that lead to back pain, including whiplash, sprains and strains of the neck and back, scoliosis, sciatica and herniated, ruptured and slipped discs. We offer treatment through chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression and other non-invasive techniques.

Spinal Adjustments

Manual adjustments are performed by Dr. Sherwood using her hands or an adjusting instrument called an activator to apply short, quick thrusts (chiropractic adjustment) to identified areas of the spine. The spinal adjustment places vertebrae back into their proper alignment, which generally results in significant reduction in back pain and increased range of motion of the spine. We use Lloyd McManus tables each visit that allow us to adjust with while the table is in motion, providing a unique experience. We perform spinal adjustments on all ages of patients – from newborns to seniors.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression increases the spacing between the vertebrae to alleviate nerve pain, sciatica and bulging and herniated discs. It involves the use of a special chiropractic table that allows the spine to receive gentle traction through the use of weights, pulleys, and belts. Once the distance between the vertebrae has been increased, the discs of the spine start to heal and retract into their normal positions. This eliminates the need for surgery and pain medications.

If you are experiencing back pain in Atlanta, call our office today to schedule your free consultation appointment with Dr. Sherwood! We are ready to examine your injury or ailment and start a course of back pain treatment that will reduce your back pain.