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For Back and Neck Pain Relief

Most of our patients come to us seeking help to overcome problems like back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Click here for a complete list of symptoms/conditions. Chiropractic care is consistently successful in relieving these symptoms, as well as improving overall health. Over the years, we have helped thousands of people become pain free, achieve health goals, and optimize their lives. Our commitment is to educate our patients to make decisions that get to the cause rather than offer temporary solutions. Consistent spinal adjustments, as well as focused lifestyle instruction and exercise, allow you to achieve the very best results. Our goal is to help every patient achieve overall wellness!

Pain Relief Should Effective and Affordable.

At Sherwood Chiropractic Center we give you the time and care you need. We are also flexible to meet your schedule, your needs and your financial situation. Chiropractic care is an opportunity to improve your complete health, and help you feel better than you have in years!

Empowering Atlanta Through Chiropractic

If you suffer from chronic low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, bulging or herniated disc, or pinched nerve …or better yet, if you are looking to feel great and get the most out of life and perform at your best, contact us today to schedule your new patient visit!

Sherwood Chiropractic Center Services

  • Complimentary Consultation 
  • Comprehensive Orthopedic/Neurological Exam 
  • Spinal & Extremity Adjustments 
  • Digital Posture Analysis 
  • Posture Correction Program 
  • Exercise and Nutrition Instruction 
  • New Patient Orientation/Corrective Care Workshops 
  • Onsite X-rays 
  • VAX-D Spinal Decompression

Insurance and Other Options Make Chiropractic an Accessible Option

We are “In Network” with all Georgia healthcare plans, and also offer affordable cash plans. We believe that getting the pain relief you need should be uncomplicated and as painless as possible.

New Patient Offer

What Our Patients Say…

Erin H. Back Pain and Headaches
“I love coming to Sherwood Chiropractic Center not only for the competent care that I receive, but also for the friendly people and community… I am also always learning something new about holistic health care, nutrition, etc. through the center’s monthly lifestyle themes.”

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